Paid rent in Ontario last year? Get some tax credit

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*Please note that there have been changes to how rent is claimed in Ontario in 2011. You can read about those changes here.*

Plenty of Canadian taxpayers are aware of the homebuyers’ tax credit. But did you know you might be entitled to tax credits for renting a residence in Ontario?

The Canada Revenue Agency knows it costs a lot to keep a roof over your head. This is why Ontario residents can claim the Property Tax Credit and receive some savings.

No matter how much you paid in rent, if you were an Ontario resident on December 31, 2009 over the age of 16, you’re entitled to a tax credit. If you shared housing accommodations, you and your roommate – or roommates – can each receive tax savings. Each can claim credit based on the portion of the rent paid.

Ontario renters under 65 will receive the lesser of $250 or 20 percent of the rent. For Ontario renters above the age of 65, the maximum credit increases to $625.

Ontario residents might also benefit from the option to combine the Property Tax Credit with the Sales Tax Credit. This maxes out at $1,000 for people under 65 and $1,125 for people over 65.

With this in mind, be savvy with your tax return and make sure you claim the rent credit you deserve.

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  1. So what this is saying is we can no longer claim on line 479 of our return any ontario sales tax credit for rent paid in 2011? I used to get around $450 refund having this credit so now I get nothing for a return? Also what is this trillium thing? I am confused here….

  2. Hi Sharon – that’s right. You no longer claim rent on Ontario returns which means this will probably impact your refund. The Trillium Benefit is the Ontario government paying those credits through the year instead. Here is a link where you can read more about how the program will work: If you have more questions, you could also give our tax experts call.

  3. Hi James – there were changes to the Ontario property tax credit in 2011. This blog post is from 2010. You can no longer claim rent on your income tax return and this will probably affect the amount of refund or your balance owing. For more information, please visit this Ontario site that details the change:

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